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Do I have to obtain permission to download content?

All content with the download function enabled can be used without requesting permission. Please pay attention to the licences of use that apply to each item. Licences D and PLUS require you to request permission to use. Turismo de Islas Canarias will not be held responsible for any inappropriate use on your part.  

Once I have downloaded content, can I use it indefinitely? 

No, most of the rights acquired for any content expire within a certain time frame. Please check the expiry date for rights in the metadata for each item and ensure that the content you use is not in circulation after the expiry date. You will be notified at the email address registered for your Canary Islands Brand Centre account when the expiry date is approaching for any content that you have downloaded. 

Can I transfer content that I download? 

No, none of the licences available from Canary Islands Brand Centre allow you to transfer content to third parties. The content you download is for your own use. 

Can I add a watermark or signature to the content? 

No, Turismo de Islas Canarias is the owner or transferor of the intellectual property rights for all content hosted on Canary Islands Brand Centre and any signature or watermark on this content may lead to confusion.  

I would like to use content that is not available for download. What should I do? 

Content that cannot be downloaded has very restrictive rights of use and this content is covered by D and PLUS. If you would like any of this content, please contact Canary Islands Brand Centre via the contact form or by sending an email to: 

I am having issues logging in and/or downloading content with licences A, B, C and E. How can I solve this? 

Try using a different browser to log in. If the issue continues, please contact the Canary Islands Brand Centre administrator via the contact form or by sending an email to:, stating your username and providing a detailed explanation of the issue.